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FSA needs experienced and new soccer referees!

Experienced referees are reminded to renew their registration by signing into RefCentre ( and completing the refresher quiz and registration process. 

If you were a ‘small-sided’ referee and are now 14, instead of registering again as small sided, consider upgrading via an ‘Entry Level’ referee course, see links below.

We also need new referees, so consider taking an Ontario Soccer ref course, consisting of online modules and practical sessions. If 14 years old by March 31, 2023 do the ‘Entry Level’ course to ref full field games up to ages 2 years below your own.  If 12 or 13 by March 31, take the ‘Small Sided’ course to ref up to u10.  Information on ref courses is available at  and after reading that background information you can register in a course at 

Any questions about reffing with FSA this year, courses, etc.  please contact me!   
- Peter Boag, FSA Head referee, (email